Agency Remittance Advice (ARA)
Posted on Tuesday July 24, 2012

It is important that your records in the payroll master file should be the same with your records in the GSIS database. Otherwise, your remittances will not be promptly posted by the GSIS. Hence, any update in the payroll master file such as adding of records for newly hired employees, promotion/salary increment, change of names due to marriage, transfer and employment status should be accompanied with the submission of the Agency Remittance Advice (ARA) as confirmed and updated by the GSIS thru the Agency Authorized Officer (AAO). The AAO is usually the Administrative Officer of the Division Office.

Technically, your data in the payroll master file should exactly match with your data in the GSIS database as to following information:

  • Agency BP Number/Office Code
  • GSIS Policy Number
  • GSIS BP Number
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Initial

Below are the ARA Forms A to E to be accomplished by the implementing units/division offices and to be emailed to the GSIS thru the AAO.

  1. ARA Form A for New employees . Download ARA Form A.
  2. ARA Form B for Employees transferred to/from other agency. Download ARA Form B.
  3. ARA Form C for Employees with Salary increment. Download ARA Form C.
  4. ARA Form D for Employees Separated from the service due to Resignation, Retirement, Death, Dismissed from the service, Dropped from the rolls, Suspended or on Leave without pay (LWOP). Download ARA Form D.
  5. ARA Form E for Change of name because of Marriage or change in Marital status . Download ARA Form E.